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Every second, our sun produces enough energy to sustain earth’s need for 500,000 years. Using solar energy is an innovative way to Go Green. Now-a-days most of the people prefer to install solar panel on the roof of their houses to avoid unusual power cuts and increasing cost of electricity.

Solar energy can be described as the energy that is received from the sunlight and converted by a mechanical source for the use of different home appliances. Since the sun is readily available it’s cheaper and reliable. Solar panels are the mechanically built materials whose main purpose is to convert solar energy to electrical energy. They are built from an element called silicon. It is the core duty of the silicon element to covert the solar energy to electricity.

The solar power can either be directly or indirectly gotten from the sunlight. When it’s cloudy the intensity of the solar power delivered perfectly, the photovoltaic solar materials deliver sun rays into electricity and the solar thermal receiver changes the solar power into heat solvents, such as oil and water. This type of power is used in, iPod chargers, charge batteries water heaters, cell phone chargers and spacecrafts.

Have you ever wondered how solar panels work? Silicon is the most important ingredient in solar panels. Silicon is an electromagnetically neutral element with four valence electrons. Electricity is made when electrons move from a negative charge to a positive one. Solar panel is like a sandwich. The top panel is made of silicon mixed with negatively charged phosphorous. The bottom plate contains silicon mixed with positively charged boron. When the sandwich is placed in the sun, a reaction occurs that generates electricity.

Using solar energy is one of the most viable ways to use renewable energy. Renewable energy is our future and the use of solar power in USA is expected to rise in the coming years. Today, we can harness unlimited power from the sun and use it on our daily basis. Whether it’s for everyday living, business or pursuing our goals in life, solar power can fuel our hopes and dreams. Save up to 60% on Solar Panels in Your Area. Call us today at 253-872-6877 to discuss your needs!


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Only renewable energy can save us from the worst of climate change. There are many benefits you will love when you have a solar power homes. In fact, better than 200,000 homes are now off grid within the United States, and this figure is only continuing to get larger. There are numerous benefits to residing in solar power homes. Being connected to the grid is not an environmental gift. Sometimes the grid can black out, leaving you with no power. When you have solar panels you don’t have to worry about.

If you’re interested in solar power and going off-grid with a solar powered home, an important step to take…

(1) How much energy is needed to keep your home running?
(2) Find out whether solar power is feasible in your area?
After you answer these questions, you can start checking out solar technology systems that will provide your home solar renewable power with less cost.
Care for our planet earth by installing solar panels at your homes and offices. High quality mono crystalline solar panels from Wholesalegateopener trap sufficient solar energy and provide energy for your home appliances.  Wholesalegateopener solar panels can even work on a cloudy day. Free of cost green energy is the need of the hour.
Wholesalegateopener ® provides energy to make out the daily needs through solar panels. Wholesalegateopener ® gives vitality to make out the day by day needs through sunlight based boards. We utilize Grade “A” silicon cells to generate sun powered panels. Give most noticeable crude material and segments for the planning of boards. Utilization of sunlight based vitality will lessen your power bill and makes your vitality use Eco-accommodating. Aluminum surrounded boards totally means the innovation and outline headway with era. Get your own solar panel and energy production unit.
In the whole time of producing sun based power, panel don’t need any maintenance and can go up to 25 to 30 years .Innovative headway has truly provided for us the stimulus to work for additional environment neighborly advances and do our part for what’s to come era. It’s on us to define and gadget more environment benevolent methods to bridle efficient power vitality for a supportable future.
Wholesalegateopener provides you high quality and high performance Solar panels for residential as well as commercial purpose. Buy and do your bit for nature.