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Security gates are considered as a very prominent step towards family security. These types of gates are a very easy and convenient way to ensure private security. No doubt driveway gates provides security but using automatic road barrier is a smarter steps to give your family both safety and security. Barriers are always a means to keep people out of the danger zone, and it is for the safety of people. They can be placed anywhere in the roads, near the houses, construction sites, or places where metro construction is being done.
Aleko provides different types of road barriers with affordable prices. They can be perfectly customized and personalized according to the size and dimension of the user. Road barriers can be efficiently and conveniently used in the private as well as the commercial sector.
1.The foremost advantage of the automated road barrier is the security it offers.
2.Hiring too many security personnel costs a big amount of money every month. So instead you can opt for automated road barriers that are cost efficient and require less maintenance.
3.Installing automated road barriers augment the appearance of the building and discard the dull look.
4.The road barriers can also be integrated with vast other hardware or linked to any number of remote systems.
5.These barriers can be easily accessed with the help of remote controls or keypads.
6.The automated road barriers can be installed in any leveled area and the roads need not be flat.
Along with the above advantages  ALEKO® Automatic Road Barrier Opener is equipped with super capacity learning coding memory and the powerful motor has the latest bipolar variable speed technology which strengthens the power of the motor and facilitates smooth and hassle free operation. The 370W power motor operates the arms at a faster rate. It hardly takes around 6 seconds for the arm to move up and/or down. The road barrier can operate easily within a temperature of 30 degree centigrade to 70 degree centigrade.
Automatic road barrier has seen increased usage among many people all over the world. All this is due to the efficient traffic management by these road barriers. This automatic road barrier can accept signals from loop detectors, smart card readers and beam sensors.
Road barriers offer you traffic control of highest order along with parking control signals. Our Aleko automatic road barrier is designed to prevent vehicle ramming, forced vehicle entry and vehicle based terrorist attacks. And to make your installation process easier we provide you a manual with step by step installation instructions and mounting hardware.