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Most of the people wish to use green energy products considering the global warming and environmental changes. In America over the last several years around 47% of people using wind turbines and solar panels for their electricity needs. Going off-grid is a smart step towards future generation.

Solar batteries are vital for putting away power for shady days when solar panels are not able to generate power. However to keep up the battery life it is paramount to utilize a charge controller or voltage controller which block reverse current and prevent over-charge protection.

A charge controller is truly a valuable device for solar panel board and wind turbine generator vitality techniques. What it truly does is actually controls the amount of DC electrical energy moving in the energy supply to the backup batteries. When you’re using renewable power assets, you’re going to get variances in energy supply.

A charge controller will keep control of that inbound current and can switch off the circuit once the batteries got fully charged. It acts as a safeguard since it does not let your batteries to be over-charged which will decrease the life span of the costly batteries.

Four main functions why one must use charge controller?

(1) Transform the AC power from wind turbine by Rectifier Bridge to DC power for battery charging.
(2) Short circuit protection or/and Dump load in high wind.
(3) Battery over-charge protection.
(4) Battery Low voltage protection.

There are numerous sorts of charge controllers available in the market. Some are complicated while others are simple to install. At the point when looking for your charge controller, you need to comprehend what rating to purchase and should it work appropriately with your solar based panels and your rechargeable batteries. Also different charge controllers have different time periods of warranty. Be sure to check that the warranty is within your expectation before leaving the store. Wholesale gate opener provides both wind and solar charge controller accordingly the needs of the customer. It’s easy to install our products as we provide manuals and facility to interact with our expert technicians. You will end up saving yourself money, stress and hassle if you get one before your batteries get damaged.

Wholesale gate opener provides eco-friendly Charge Controller for both wind and solar powered devices to save batteries as well as energy and environment. Our solar or wind charge controllers are fit for both residential and commercial purposes. Wholesale gate opener Products stand for quality guarantee at affordable prices. If you have any doubts don’t hesitate to call us on 253- 872-6877.