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One of the most common mistakes is opening the door to a stranger without prior verification. Before answering the door, it is necessary to authenticate the identity of the person at the door. Generally housewives and children have this tendency to open the door to any unknown visitor, especially salesmen. They do not have the slightest idea, that these people might be burglars in the disguise of salesmen. In a way the home owners invite danger for themselves unknowingly. However to avoid such possibilities, you can install video intercom systems to communicate with any person before opening the door.

Would you like to see who is outside before opening the door? Would it make you feel safer? Or the door is too far, or you are disabled or elderly person and find it difficult to walk all the way every time?

It’s no longer a problem with Aleko video door phone intercom system. With this system you can supervise front door situation at any time, take a picture of the person at the door and store it in memory, communicate with hands-free audio and unlock the door remotely. If you have a house that isn’t wired for intercom, then the best choice is to go with a wireless system. These may be attractive to you even if you have an existing wired system. One of the advantages of a wireless system over a wired system is that the units are more portable.

Installing an intercom system is quite easy. All you need to do is install the camera outside your house near the doorbell, and the display unit or rather the monitor anywhere within your house. When someone rings the doorbell, you are required to press the intercom button, the camera will get activated and you will be able to view the person at the door. Intercoms are one of the effective tools of security systems for preventing thefts and intrusions. Even in your absence, these intercom systems can automatically view and record the arrival of any visitor along with date and time. They have integrated memory chips and sensory devices that allow them to perform such activities when you are not at home.

Why Aleko intercom systems are best in the market

  • One monitor can support up to 4 cameras
  • Micro processing technology
  • Digital color LCD monitor with touch control panel
  • 24 hour monitoring, calling, speaking and unlocking door
  • The mini USB data output for monitor built-in high capacity
  • Rechargeable Lithium battery
  • The monitor can take/save/view more than 200 pcs of photos automatically
  • The picture of the visitor will be saved automatically
  • Clear night view for 24 hour monitoring
  • E-calendar and Electronic thermometer functions
  • Wireless monitor can be easily moved around the house
  • Rechargeable 2400mAh Li-ion batteries
  • High video quality CCD night vision camera
  • Unlock electric lock remotely

Intercom systems are highly recommended for people living in apartments, because majority of the intrusions take place in such places, especially when children are alone. Since intercoms are user-friendly devices, hence you can instruct your children to view through the intercom first before opening the door to a stranger. In this way you can not only safeguard your family but also inform police if you feel apprehensive about the person outside your doorstep. Before letting the person in, you can ask irrelevant questions to authenticate his identity.

Intercoms increase the overall security of your house and your family members in your absence. If you are searching for an affordable video intercom security system, then your search ends here at WholesaleGateOpener.


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Every product type has good quality and bad quality. Good quality products last for a life time whereas bad quality products break easily within a few days’ use. So, for this reason, it is absolutely necessary to choose a good quality swing gate opener.

The frequency of gate opening and closing is important. At some places, gate is to be opened every hour, at some places every day. This depends on the place where the gate opener is installed. Automated gate is the need of the hour.

This is very important for high end homes and business houses. There, the owners do not want all people to enter the property. To maintain such barrier, security guards are also employed to allow some selected people to pass.

Some gates are very heavy. They put excessive pressure on the gate openers and wear and tear. So, the gate opener should be chosen keeping in view the weight and size of the gate. A good gate opener should be able to withstand the gate for which it is made.

A dual swing gate opener is a very good prospect since it can open both the gates at a time smoothly provided it is working properly. A good swing gate opener can be able to do it.

Weather is an important factor considering a gate opener is placed outside in open atmosphere. Heavy rain and heavy snow cause severe damage to gate and gate opener. To face such weather conditions, the gate opener should be able to bear it all.

You have to lay emphasis on the way the gate opener will work. You have to focus on your case and which gate opener is accurate for your purpose. In case, your gate opener does not work as per your expectations, then it will give rise to mental dissatisfaction and odd feeling.

Gate openers come in complete set. If any of your parts is damaged after use, then you can buy separate parts afterwards. Everything depends on what is the weight of your gate ad what type of gate opener is fit for you. The number of times the gate will open is going to have a huge impact on the property.
Some gate openers open very fast, while some open very slowly. Some open one side, while others open 2 sided. There are some systems, which stop from closing if they hit something. The opener shuts down immediately.
The concern for safety is paramount. Keep a tab on the electric supply to the gate opener and the safety precautions taken. Gate openers also work on solar energy and batteries.
A person may search for a gate which is for security or a gate for decoration. But a person will surely buy a gate opener for added convenience. The gate opener should also be able to face harsh weather. Wherever you live, you need security. For that wholesale gate openers can help you.


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To prevent accidents at garage places, many people have started installing door sensors at the time of installing garage doors. A car parking gate has every chance of malfunctioning, these door sensors can help prevent such accidents.
Many different types of garage door sensors are used by people. Wholesale gate opener has many varieties of garage door sensors. Let’s have a look at the commonly used sensors in America.
The most common type of garage door sensor is the ‘infrared beam detector’. Two pieces of sensors have to be installed on both sides of the gate. The placement of the sensors should be done in such a way that if any moving object appears in front of it, then the light beam gets broken. One drawback of this type of sensor is that its alignment changes every time, requiring frequent readjustments.
Some battery operated sensors are there which close automatically if the door or gate is left open for a long time. In case of motorized openers during cold climate or at cold places, they don’t to stiffen and malfunction. In such a case, these battery operated openers are of great use.
There is also another type of sensor called pressure sensor. The pressure sensor prevents the gate from closing if and when an object touches the gate. Whereas the infrared beam detector prevents the door from closing if and when the infrared beam is obstructed.(image)
Another type of sensor is there which is not related to opening or closing the gate for cars, but for the amount of carbon monoxide. It is called ‘carbon monoxide sensor’. When the amount of carbon monoxide increases beyond the required level, the gate automatically opens by the help of the sensor and allows fresh air to enter.
It is wise to first of all do a research on the different types of sensors available in the market and then decide what type of sensor is fit for you and your garage door needs. If you can’t decide, then we at Wholesale gate openers are experts in garage door sensors. Contact us for advice on the right kind of sensor that would fit you.


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Your backyard or front yard needs attractive looks as well as security from intruders and animals. You have spent too much time and care in constructing your yard and keeping it beautiful. So, this needs proper protection by the help of fences as well as reflecting your personality.
Now, there is a greater concern for our environment. With this concern, gardening has become a good hobby for people. With green revolution, people pay special attention to planting trees and taking care of them. With areas, having plant eating animals and pests, it is absolutely essential to install garden fences.

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There was an experiment in the year 1839 on solar energy. It was found that enough power could be produced to light up an entire Christmas light. But whether it is true in real life today is a big question. In order to make a house completely solar powered, the amount of solar panels to be used would be very large.

In order to have a house completely powered by solar energy, we have pay particular attention to solar panels. While going to buy a solar panel, what are the points we should consider, let’s have a brief idea.

The price of the panel is the first thing to consider. Then the durability of the panels, efficiency of the panels and the type of solar electric panels used come next.

Experience also plays a big factor in choosing the right kind of solar panels. Start a survey among your kith and kin that already use solar panels. Ask your friends, relatives, neighbors and friends about it.

Smaller photo voltaic cells electrically connected constitute the solar panel. The solar cells have a glass covering over them which protects the cells from external elements besides allowing sun rays to pass through them.

Solar panels produce DC current like that in a battery. At least 12 volts of power can be used at the time of sun light continuously. Solar cells are generally connected in series. So, if you connect solar panels in parallel, then you can get a higher current output. The number of solar panels is directly proportional to the amount of electricity produced.

Place the solar panels on roof tops or any other open space where maximum sunlight falls. The panels should have the scope of absorbing maximum solar energy. Solar panels come in various sizes. Choose the size which fits your home demands.

Portable devices can be recharged by using solar panels. The solar electric system in your house is made up of many solar panels arranged in a particular fashion. The amount of electricity produced in your house is determined by this configuration.
For a 12V system, if you need to replace 100A/h of charge to your batteries each day, and you have 8 sunlight hours in each day you will need…

100AH x 12V = 1200WH

1200WH / 8H = 150W of solar panels.

Solar electric panels of 150 W will be enough for a standard house or cottage practically. So to have sufficient power, you have to consider extra solar panels say 180 W. In this way you will never fall short of power.

Now, you must have understood what to look for in a solar panel and make the right choice. Why not buy some solar panels from Wholesale Gate Openers as per your need?


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There is a huge difference between a gate opener and a gate operator. A gate opener is used in residential homes whereas gate operator is used in case of commercial establishments. A very strong and durable gate for your home or office is a great idea. But what if the locking system is poor and outdated? It does not complement the gate for security for which you have installed the gate in the first place. In the absence of a proper lock, it is very difficult to stop thieves or intruders from entering your house.

The locks or mechanical locks that we were using long before seem to be right for our protection. But the problem is that whenever the lock opens or closes, then the owner cannot be able to know. Take for example it can happen in case of a theft also. But the electric lock is a very safe and efficient way to protect your home.

One disadvantage of using an electric lock is that it requires regular maintenance. Frequent oiling is required in order to ensure that the lock works smoothly. At times, it is also needed to paint the parts of the lock. All the related equipments have to be present with you in case of any defect if arises.

Another disadvantage of using electric lock is that if a thief disconnects the power supply, then the lock becomes useless and any one can get into the house then. In order to avoid that, you have to ensure that the power supply is protected enough and is very efficient as well.

Apart from the disadvantages, we can see that the electric sliding driveway gate lock is a very useful and protective lock as compared to traditional locks. So, give your house this high-tech locking system from ALEKO to ensure maximum protection of your periphery. ALEKO has electric locks as well as electromagnetic locks. These locks provide added security by locking and unlocking automatically whenever the gate opens and closes. They come with a keypad manual release. Some locks are available which are compatible with 24 V sliding gate opener system and some are compatible with 12 V gate opener system.


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In this world of crime and criminals, nobody is safe. Just by locking the doors and windows, you can’t term it as being safe. In this world of high-tech thieves and criminals, we need high-tech systems in order to protect our family and our precious belongings. A home is not a home without safety. But with the advent of modern technology, has come modern video surveillance security system which has kept thieves and criminals at bay.

Video surveillance security system gives you a host of other benefits also. When you are out of home to a distant place, then you can be assured that your home is protected by video surveillance. This gives you peace of mind which is the most invaluable thing in life. Because after all, at the end of the day all you need is mental peace.

Home security cameras are of two types: covert and overt. In a covert system, the cameras are hidden from sight. In this case, criminals or burglars cannot know that the home is protected by video security. Sometimes, they are caught red handed. In overt system, cameras are visible. So, thieves fear to commit theft in a building which is clearly guarded by video surveillance. Generally people use a covert system inside the house in order to not terrify the guests. It has some other uses like watching old members of the house, or small babies, or the entrance door.

Many elderly people nowadays are using video security system to guard their house and reduce apprehension. Elderly people deserve to feel safe at all times. So, installing a video security system is worth it.
Many locations which are termed as safe, can actually be attacked by robbers and burglars, because at such places public don’t expect them and their work becomes easier.

Let’s have a look at some of the benefits of video security system at home:

>> Discourages thieves and intruders.

>> Monitors the home.

>> Insurance charges are reduced.

>> Valuables are protected.

>> Faster assistance during emergency situation.

>> Peace of mind is guaranteed.

>> Liberty of seniors is attained.

>> Value of house increases.

A home video surveillance security system looks after your protection all throughout the day and night non-stop. ‘A stitch in time saves nine’. So, what are you waiting for? Make your home and home mates safe now. !


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As far as aesthetics of a house is concerned, a gate is the first and foremost thing that one notices. And a gate should be designed in such a way that it adheres to the comfort and convenience of house mates. In most of Europe and USA , gate openers are widely used to open and close gates by the help of various mechanisms. When we look at the types of gate openers, mainly there are 2 types of gate openers. One is hydraulic and the other one is electromechanical.

>> Mechanical gate operators are actually electromechanical gate operators which use power from the mains and are screw driven , barrier arm operator or of sliding type. Some types of automatic gate openers also use solar power as a green power to operate opening and closing of gates.

>> Hydraulics system is also used for this purpose and as the name suggests, hydraulic fluids are used which makes this operation smoother. Hydraulics operators also have some more advantages like they are more powerful and it can move heavy gates with less power consumption.

Among the various gate types, there are swing gates, slide gates, overhead gates, barrier gates and tiger’s teeth gates.

One of the most accepted type of gate operator and widely used is the slide gate opener. It can be attached at the end of the gate in an open position or in a closed position. “In Europe a metal or plastic rack is attached to the gate with a gear fitted to the operator. But in America, a chain is attached across the gate near the bottom and passes through the operator. This moves it back and forth.” European method is more secure and silent. Whereas the American method allows maximum movement of gate and is lither.

Sliding gates are generally big, weighty and more perilous as compared to swing gates. So, if you are looking to equip your gate with one of the most appropriate and safest gate systems available in the market, then you should go through our gate opener section and get a chance to see some of the most modern and advanced slide gate openers at ALEKO®. We have an array of different types of sliding gate openers for different needs of different people.

Electric Gate Openers: Remote VS Keypads

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Automatic driveway gates have become a common feature in every residential property and the reason behind this is the enormous advantages and advanced features that these gates provide in comparison to the traditional manual gates. At the same time with the advancement of technology new features are being invented that can be easily integrated with the driveway gates and hence improve the value of your property and also add security to your home. The installation of gate openers has immensely increased the convenience level of individuals. There are various types of gate openers available in the market to meet the specific demand of the individuals and their driveway gates. There are lot of complex technologies and a lot of models to select from. Some of the options available are motion sensors, infrared sensors, light sensors, keypads and remotes to open your garage doors or driveway gates. Here we are going to discuss on two types of open devices, a remote and a keypad.


Remotes are the most common and widely used devices to operate and access the driveway gates. With the advancement in technology the design and efficiency of remotes have also improved. The push button remote controls are generally battery operated and basically have two buttons that is the open and close button.

The driveway gates that are integrated to work with the help of remote are operated mainly through radio frequencies or Bluetooth. Radio frequencies are really helpful if you need an extensive amount of distance to operate the gates where as for lesser distances the Bluetooth technology remotes are the best options. Another popular technology that remote controls rely on is the infrared. Infrared is a very cheap solution but lasts for a long time. A major factor that comes into existence with the use of infrared technology is you have to point the remote that is the transmitter directly or in line with the receiver that is generally attached at the bottom or side of the driveway gate.

When it comes to security remotes are the ideal solution. They provide a high level of security because today’s remote transmitters are very much secure as they adopt a very strict algorithm procedure for radio frequency so there shouldn’t be any fear regarding security.


Keypads are an alternative method to access driveway gates that is to open and close the driveway gates. While selecting a keypad for your driveway gate it is very important to keep in your mind the type of motor you have installed on your driveway gate or garage door.

The keypads are an excellent addition to the security of the house. The keypads are very secure as they use a password normally between 3 to 6 digits to open the gates. The best thing about the keypad is that its password can be changed at regular interval for more security eliminating the risk of losing your gate opener. The keypads can also be connected to alarms to improve the overall safety. A keypad is very ideal when you go out of the house but do not want to carry a key.

Both remote controls and keypads have their own advantages and it completely depends on the customer on what type of access control he or she wants to install taking into consideration their requirements. Wholesale gate opener has all varieties of keypads and remote controls and you can consult us to select the right kind of access control that best suits your necessity.

Improve the security of your premises by installing gate openers

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In today’s world security is a major concern and everybody needs to take necessary steps to protect themselves from any unwanted danger that may occur at any time. And when it comes to security one need to ensure safety at home first and there are various ways through which one can enhance the overall security of the house and there is no better place than the driveway gates to start from. Driveway gates are the first line of protection of any house and a strong security at these gates is a must.

In order to keep your home safe and prevent it from intrusions by unwanted people, many home owners go for installing automatic driveway gates and high quality fences. Depending on the type of fence, gate location and access point one can select from a variety of driveway gates like sliding or swinging driveway gates. But apart from these gates the other main aspects of driveway gates are the installation of gate openers which give an added security to your house besides increasing your convenience and comfort level.

Gate openers are mechanical devices used to operate the opening and closing of driveway gates. These gate openers are designed for both sliding and swinging driveway gates and at the same time can be programmed to open and close with the help of a transmitter or a manual device. These gate openers are like boxes along the fence lines and are attached to the gate or may be placed underground. Due to these advantages, gate openers have gained popularity and are now readily available and can be brought from online also. Wholesale gate opener is an authorized dealer of gate openers and other driveway gate products. Wholesale gate opener sells gate openers with the highest quality standards and one of our most popular gate openers is the ALEKO® Metal GG1700 AC/DC Dual Swing Gate Operator.

The ALEKO® Metal GG1700 AC/DC Dual Swing Gate Operator is designed for residential applications and is capable of handling dual swing gates weighing up to 1700 lbs and up to 26 ft in length. The ALEKO® AS1700 Series is equipped with a powerful 24V DC motor which provides an exceptional starting torque and these also come with optional built-in battery back up to ensure seamless operation of gate openers and all DC controls. Some of the features of this product are:

>> The gate can be accessed through keypad and remote control.

>> Easy soft start and stop function.

>> Emergency release in case of power failure.

>> Adjustable opening and closing interval between master and slave gate.

>> Two years warranty provided by the company.

It is very important for people to invest in order to ensure safety and security of their property and the best option to maximize the security of your property is to install gate openers. Gate openers are designed to ensure maximum safety and secure gate access that is easy to access. At wholesale gate opener we provide top quality gate opener products and take into consideration all the requirements of our customers.