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To prevent accidents at garage places, many people have started installing door sensors at the time of installing garage doors. A car parking gate has every chance of malfunctioning, these door sensors can help prevent such accidents.
Many different types of garage door sensors are used by people. Wholesale gate opener has many varieties of garage door sensors. Let’s have a look at the commonly used sensors in America.
The most common type of garage door sensor is the ‘infrared beam detector’. Two pieces of sensors have to be installed on both sides of the gate. The placement of the sensors should be done in such a way that if any moving object appears in front of it, then the light beam gets broken. One drawback of this type of sensor is that its alignment changes every time, requiring frequent readjustments.
Some battery operated sensors are there which close automatically if the door or gate is left open for a long time. In case of motorized openers during cold climate or at cold places, they don’t to stiffen and malfunction. In such a case, these battery operated openers are of great use.
There is also another type of sensor called pressure sensor. The pressure sensor prevents the gate from closing if and when an object touches the gate. Whereas the infrared beam detector prevents the door from closing if and when the infrared beam is obstructed.(image)
Another type of sensor is there which is not related to opening or closing the gate for cars, but for the amount of carbon monoxide. It is called ‘carbon monoxide sensor’. When the amount of carbon monoxide increases beyond the required level, the gate automatically opens by the help of the sensor and allows fresh air to enter.
It is wise to first of all do a research on the different types of sensors available in the market and then decide what type of sensor is fit for you and your garage door needs. If you can’t decide, then we at Wholesale gate openers are experts in garage door sensors. Contact us for advice on the right kind of sensor that would fit you.

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