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A driveway gate if maintained is an asset for your property. On the contrary if not properly maintained, it will be a headache for you and your family. A well maintained gate works smoothly and does not give any trouble. But a sparsely maintained gate gives all sorts of problems even during opening and closing of gate.

How can you maintain your driveway gates in excellent condition, you can know by reading the following tips:

    Regularly maintain your gate by checking. Tighten the nuts and bolts, clear the sliding path of the gate, and oil the hinges. Look for rusting of any part. If found, quickly clear the rust. In case of automatic gate, check the batteries or power supply if they are working properly or not.
    Nowadays gate manufacturers also offer maintenance plans along with the gate. These maintenance plans cover any defective parts after use or any replacement as well. The gate company may visit your home frequently or once or twice a year. This type of maintenance work can help you detect problems in your gate much before it becomes worse. Gate mechanisms and motors are also checked.

  • CONSULT AN EXPERT INSTEAD OF DOING IT BY YOURSELF: Small minor problems in your gate like paint removed or minor rust can be handled by you. But in case of major problems like defect in your electrical system of your automatic gate, cannot be handled by you. You need to call a certified professional to handle these types of work. Don’t try to do it yourself and invite more defects by this.
  • ALWAYS CHOOSE GATE WITH WARRANTY: Warranty is the best form of protection. Always choose a gate with sufficient warranty protection. The warranty should offer guarantee on gate sag. It should have replacement warranty in case of major defects in automatic gate parts. If your warranty expires, then always go for extended warranty. This gives you peace of mind.

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