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When you go to buy an automatic gate with a remote controlled gate opener, then you cannot arbitrarily go and buy any automatic gate available in the market. Since an automatic gate does not come cheap, it requires massive research before you buy an automatic gate. Many factors play a role in deciding the right automatic gate like fencing style, house style and security level. Buying an automatic gate in haste might lead to frustrations at later stages. So, why not have a look at some of the important questions you need to ask to make your automatic gate buying experience a grand success?

  • What are the numbers of entry and exit points to a property?

Some gate companies have combo offers in which they offer multiple numbers of gates together at a lesser price.

  • How much room is present for the installation of gate and gate operating system?

This question can be better addressed by the gate company. There should be ample space for hinges, opener, pivot point and post.

  • Which type of gate better suits your property?

There are sliding gates and swing gates. Personal choice plays a role in this as well as the space present in the gate installation area.

  • If swing gate, then it should open in or out?

Generally swing gates open inwards. But in some cases, when the inward slope is higher, the gates have to swing outwards.

  • What should be the width of the gate and how heavy it should be?

This question arises when you have already chosen the type of gate to install. Then the type of gate opener you wish to buy affects the decision to buy the gate also. Each gate opener has

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