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As far as aesthetics of a house is concerned, a gate is the first and foremost thing that one notices. And a gate should be designed in such a way that it adheres to the comfort and convenience of house mates. In most of Europe and USA , gate openers are widely used to open and close gates by the help of various mechanisms. When we look at the types of gate openers, mainly there are 2 types of gate openers. One is hydraulic and the other one is electromechanical.

>> Mechanical gate operators are actually electromechanical gate operators which use power from the mains and are screw driven , barrier arm operator or of sliding type. Some types of automatic gate openers also use solar power as a green power to operate opening and closing of gates.

>> Hydraulics system is also used for this purpose and as the name suggests, hydraulic fluids are used which makes this operation smoother. Hydraulics operators also have some more advantages like they are more powerful and it can move heavy gates with less power consumption.

Among the various gate types, there are swing gates, slide gates, overhead gates, barrier gates and tiger’s teeth gates.

One of the most accepted type of gate operator and widely used is the slide gate opener. It can be attached at the end of the gate in an open position or in a closed position. “In Europe a metal or plastic rack is attached to the gate with a gear fitted to the operator. But in America, a chain is attached across the gate near the bottom and passes through the operator. This moves it back and forth.” European method is more secure and silent. Whereas the American method allows maximum movement of gate and is lither.

Sliding gates are generally big, weighty and more perilous as compared to swing gates. So, if you are looking to equip your gate with one of the most appropriate and safest gate systems available in the market, then you should go through our gate opener section and get a chance to see some of the most modern and advanced slide gate openers at ALEKO®. We have an array of different types of sliding gate openers for different needs of different people.

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