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There is a huge difference between a gate opener and a gate operator. A gate opener is used in residential homes whereas gate operator is used in case of commercial establishments. A very strong and durable gate for your home or office is a great idea. But what if the locking system is poor and outdated? It does not complement the gate for security for which you have installed the gate in the first place. In the absence of a proper lock, it is very difficult to stop thieves or intruders from entering your house.

The locks or mechanical locks that we were using long before seem to be right for our protection. But the problem is that whenever the lock opens or closes, then the owner cannot be able to know. Take for example it can happen in case of a theft also. But the electric lock is a very safe and efficient way to protect your home.

One disadvantage of using an electric lock is that it requires regular maintenance. Frequent oiling is required in order to ensure that the lock works smoothly. At times, it is also needed to paint the parts of the lock. All the related equipments have to be present with you in case of any defect if arises.

Another disadvantage of using electric lock is that if a thief disconnects the power supply, then the lock becomes useless and any one can get into the house then. In order to avoid that, you have to ensure that the power supply is protected enough and is very efficient as well.

Apart from the disadvantages, we can see that the electric sliding driveway gate lock is a very useful and protective lock as compared to traditional locks. So, give your house this high-tech locking system from ALEKO to ensure maximum protection of your periphery. ALEKO has electric locks as well as electromagnetic locks. These locks provide added security by locking and unlocking automatically whenever the gate opens and closes. They come with a keypad manual release. Some locks are available which are compatible with 24 V sliding gate opener system and some are compatible with 12 V gate opener system.

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