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Improve the security of your premises by installing gate openers

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In today’s world security is a major concern and everybody needs to take necessary steps to protect themselves from any unwanted danger that may occur at any time. And when it comes to security one need to ensure safety at home first and there are various ways through which one can enhance the overall security of the house and there is no better place than the driveway gates to start from. Driveway gates are the first line of protection of any house and a strong security at these gates is a must.

In order to keep your home safe and prevent it from intrusions by unwanted people, many home owners go for installing automatic driveway gates and high quality fences. Depending on the type of fence, gate location and access point one can select from a variety of driveway gates like sliding or swinging driveway gates. But apart from these gates the other main aspects of driveway gates are the installation of gate openers which give an added security to your house besides increasing your convenience and comfort level.

Gate openers are mechanical devices used to operate the opening and closing of driveway gates. These gate openers are designed for both sliding and swinging driveway gates and at the same time can be programmed to open and close with the help of a transmitter or a manual device. These gate openers are like boxes along the fence lines and are attached to the gate or may be placed underground. Due to these advantages, gate openers have gained popularity and are now readily available and can be brought from online also. Wholesale gate opener is an authorized dealer of gate openers and other driveway gate products. Wholesale gate opener sells gate openers with the highest quality standards and one of our most popular gate openers is the ALEKO® Metal GG1700 AC/DC Dual Swing Gate Operator.

The ALEKO® Metal GG1700 AC/DC Dual Swing Gate Operator is designed for residential applications and is capable of handling dual swing gates weighing up to 1700 lbs and up to 26 ft in length. The ALEKO® AS1700 Series is equipped with a powerful 24V DC motor which provides an exceptional starting torque and these also come with optional built-in battery back up to ensure seamless operation of gate openers and all DC controls. Some of the features of this product are:

>> The gate can be accessed through keypad and remote control.

>> Easy soft start and stop function.

>> Emergency release in case of power failure.

>> Adjustable opening and closing interval between master and slave gate.

>> Two years warranty provided by the company.

It is very important for people to invest in order to ensure safety and security of their property and the best option to maximize the security of your property is to install gate openers. Gate openers are designed to ensure maximum safety and secure gate access that is easy to access. At wholesale gate opener we provide top quality gate opener products and take into consideration all the requirements of our customers.

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