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Electric Gate Openers: Remote VS Keypads

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Automatic driveway gates have become a common feature in every residential property and the reason behind this is the enormous advantages and advanced features that these gates provide in comparison to the traditional manual gates. At the same time with the advancement of technology new features are being invented that can be easily integrated with the driveway gates and hence improve the value of your property and also add security to your home. The installation of gate openers has immensely increased the convenience level of individuals. There are various types of gate openers available in the market to meet the specific demand of the individuals and their driveway gates. There are lot of complex technologies and a lot of models to select from. Some of the options available are motion sensors, infrared sensors, light sensors, keypads and remotes to open your garage doors or driveway gates. Here we are going to discuss on two types of open devices, a remote and a keypad.


Remotes are the most common and widely used devices to operate and access the driveway gates. With the advancement in technology the design and efficiency of remotes have also improved. The push button remote controls are generally battery operated and basically have two buttons that is the open and close button.

The driveway gates that are integrated to work with the help of remote are operated mainly through radio frequencies or Bluetooth. Radio frequencies are really helpful if you need an extensive amount of distance to operate the gates where as for lesser distances the Bluetooth technology remotes are the best options. Another popular technology that remote controls rely on is the infrared. Infrared is a very cheap solution but lasts for a long time. A major factor that comes into existence with the use of infrared technology is you have to point the remote that is the transmitter directly or in line with the receiver that is generally attached at the bottom or side of the driveway gate.

When it comes to security remotes are the ideal solution. They provide a high level of security because today’s remote transmitters are very much secure as they adopt a very strict algorithm procedure for radio frequency so there shouldn’t be any fear regarding security.


Keypads are an alternative method to access driveway gates that is to open and close the driveway gates. While selecting a keypad for your driveway gate it is very important to keep in your mind the type of motor you have installed on your driveway gate or garage door.

The keypads are an excellent addition to the security of the house. The keypads are very secure as they use a password normally between 3 to 6 digits to open the gates. The best thing about the keypad is that its password can be changed at regular interval for more security eliminating the risk of losing your gate opener. The keypads can also be connected to alarms to improve the overall safety. A keypad is very ideal when you go out of the house but do not want to carry a key.

Both remote controls and keypads have their own advantages and it completely depends on the customer on what type of access control he or she wants to install taking into consideration their requirements. Wholesale gate opener has all varieties of keypads and remote controls and you can consult us to select the right kind of access control that best suits your necessity.

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