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Small wind turbines for home and business.

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If there is enough wind resource in your area and if the situation is right then installing small wind turbines are one of the best cost effective home based renewable energy system with zero emission and pollution. The wind turbine which is installed on the tower is designed to collect the wind energy and convert it into electricity. The output is fed into the household wiring after making the turbine output electrically compatible with the utility.

If you take a closer look at the functioning of a wind turbine and the generation of electricity then you will find that a house is served by both wind turbine and the utility. If due to some reasons there is no output from the wind turbine then the entire electricity is supplied from the utility. As the turbine output increases then the amount of power purchased from the utility is proportionally decreased and all these process takes place automatically. And when the turbine output is more than the house need then it is automatically sold to the utility.

Advantages of Small wind turbines:

  • It helps you lower your electricity bill.
  • Installation of wind turbines in remote location help to decrease the cost of installing power lines to these locations.
  • Combination of wind turbines and power utility provides uninterrupted power supply during power outages.

Components of small wind turbines:

wind charge controllerwind charge controller

Turbine: The turbine is the spinning part of the wind turbine system responsible for generating electricity. Few of the parts of the turbine are:

  • Blades: The small wind turbines are upwind machines that generally have two to three blades made of a composite material such as fiberglass.
  • Rotor: The blades are connected to a rotor assembly which spins when the blades catch the wind. The magnet rotor spins around a magnetic alternator, creating a magnetic field and producing an electrical charge.
The rotor, generator and tail are attached to a structure called the turbine’s frame. The amount of the energy produced by the turbine is primarily determined by the diameter of the rotor and the tail keeps the turbine facing into the wind.
wind turbine generator - WG700W24V-WG-2Twind generator blade - WG400W24VC-WG-2T

Tower: The small wind turbine is mounted onto a tower because the wind speed increases with height. The power the wind system produces generally depends on the height of the tower. Most turbine manufacturing companies provide wind turbine packages that include the tower.
Inverters: The inverters convert the DC power from the batteries to Active current (AC) used in the home and on the utility grid.
Controller: The controller converts the raw electricity to direct current (DC) power and sends it to either to a battery or an inverter. Wholesale Gate Opener manufactures a whole range of different wind charge controllers which are of prime quality and stands up to the expectation. ALEKO® CD5.0 24V Wind Charge Controller is one of the latest additions to the wind charge controller section designed especially to produce wind power from 10 mph wind. Some of the functions of this model are:
  • It transforms the AC power from wind turbine by Rectifier Bridge to DC power for battery charging.
  • It comes with an inbuilt short circuit protection and a dump load in case of high wind.
  • There is also a facility for over charge battery protection.
  • And there is also an optional function low voltage battery protection.
Storage batteries: Batteries are optional in some cases as most modern residential wind turbines are coupled directly to the utility grid and don’t require the use of batteries, but if you have a stand-alone wind turbine system, or in case you want back-up at times of power outages, batteries are needed for storage.
We would be happy to send you further information on our small wind turbines and components related to wind turbine systems and answer any of your questions. You can contact us anytime and our customer support will be glad to help you.

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