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Access control keypads-wired or wireless?

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When it comes to home everyone wants it to be unique and at the same time should create a very good first impression. Everyone takes necessary steps like installing driveway gates to enhance the beauty as well as the security of their house. Safety is one of the major concerns of every house owner and with the increasing number of burglaries being reported it’s high time to take preparatory steps to control and protect your house. There are many forms of safety equipment available in the market and access control keypads are one of them.

wired keypads wireless keypads

When considering installing access control keypads for your driveway gates there are many features to be considered and one such area of uncertainty lies in choosing between wired or wireless keypads. The type of keypad required and to be installed by an individual depends on the budget, preference and situation. There are different advantages and disadvantages of wired and wireless keypads available in the market.

Pros and cons of wired and wireless keypads:

  • Wireless keypads do not require any wiring system as they receive the signals through the radio waves. When this system was introduced it was considered to be unreliable because everyone had a misconception that this system can be deceived easily. But now with advancement of technology the scenario has completely changed and it is considered to be a reliable source of security.
  • Wireless keypad systems are easier to install and these can be placed anywhere provided they are within the range of the central control system. Therefore there is greater convenience of use.
  • Wireless keypads are sometimes less reliable compared to their hard wired counterparts because if sometimes they are not operated at proper frequency then there is problem in accessing the gates.
  • Wireless keypads also require that the user replace the batteries on the keypads on a regular basis which is not required in the case of wired keypads as these are powered from a nearby outlet. Therefore there is a high risk of wireless keypads failing if the batteries run out of charge.
  • In case of installing a new gate system where the ground is up and there is provision for hiding the cables then wired keypads are an obvious choice and these are also reliable and also easy to use.
  • When it comes to cost wireless keypads are cheaper than wired keypads because there is no need to buy wiring and cut wall and floors for installing them. Though the wireless units are bit more expensive.
  • Wireless keypads can be easily relocated to other places and even under renovation the wireless keypads can be easily moved.

According to the individual necessity you can go through our website to select wired or wireless keypads that best suits your requirement. We have whole different varieties of wired and wireless keypads for your driveway gates and garage doors. If you have any confusion then you can contact our customer support centre who will provide you with all necessary details.

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