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Power Inverters

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A power inverter or inverters are electrical devices designed to convert direct current (DC) to alternating current (AC). Direct current is the power that is produced by battery, solar panels and wind turbines while alternating current is the convectional electricity that is the standard power needed to run electrical equipments. A power inverter basically functions opposite to that of a rectifier and is used at places where the AC power is not stable.

If you look into the technical prospective of the power inverter, each power inverter produces one of the three types of power wave signals and each signal represents a quality of power output. Power inverters come in different shapes and capacities. Depending on the capacity of a power inverter it can be used for various purposes and applications. It can be used to power small devices and it also comes in handy in emergencies when there is power outage. Power inverters are also used in places where there is unstable power supply. Here the power inverter is connected to the batteries and the electrical source. The system is designed to charge batteries and store when there is electrical power supply and in case of power outage the inverter draws DC current from the battery and converts it into AC current.

12v power inverter 24v power inverter

Keep in mind the above usability’s wholesale gate opener provides a whole range of GUDCRAFT HA series INVERTER. The HA series inverters functions to convert 12V or 24V low voltage direct current (DC) to 110V or 230V or 240V alternating current (AC). Based on the special condition of wind generator or battery you can choose the corresponding model of power inverter.

Taking a look at the features of the GudCraft 300Watt power inverter 24V to 120V:

  • HA series inverter is an innovator in portable inverter design. This inverter belongs to the new line of super efficient power inverters with the highest surge capability in the industry.
  • These extremely advanced inverters have microprocessor controlled units that run cooler and are more reliable than any other inverters in their class.
  • There superior surge capability allows starting the most difficult loads including televisions, microwaves, refrigeration units and even small air conditioners.
  • These inverters provide the highest efficiency (up to 90%) which translates into longer running time and extended battery life.

Inverters are an excellent addition to electronic devices and we provide inverters up to 3000 watt power to meet your personal requirement.

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