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Features And Uses Of Infrared Sensors

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An infrared sensor is an electronic device designed to detect and/or emit infrared radiation that can be put to various use. Infrared sensors measure the infrared light radiating from objects as well as can be used for detecting motions. However there are certain infrared sensors whose sole purpose is to detect the energy given off by other objects. These devices do not radiate or generate radiation for detection purposes. Such devices are known as passive infrared sensors.

Operating principle: Infrared radiations are invisible to human eyes and all objects having absolute temperature over 0 K emit infrared radiation in the infrared spectrum. Infrared radiation is determined by the temperature and surface condition of an object and these radiations are detected by infrared sensors that accept and interpret it.

infrared measuring sensors

How Infrared sensors work: For example considering a typical infrared sensor like motion detector, when it experiences a slightest change in the temperature it results in a radiation of slightly different wavelength of infrared light. This is captured by the sensor at the center which is composed of pyroelectric materials that generate electrical voltage when heated or cooled. When the sensor detects an increase in heat in the field of its view then it triggers the motion detector to take necessary steps.

Infrared Sensing

While there have been various equipments which use infrared sensors for functioning like TV remote controls, motion detectors and temperature sensors nowadays these are being integrated with automatic driveway gates for better functioning. Wholesale gate opener has made an excellent addition to its infrared sensors section i.e. ALEKO® LM104 Reflective Photo Cell Infrared Sensor, Photo Eye for Gate Openers. This accessory comes with advanced features and uses.
photo cell infrared sensor

ALEKO® LM104 Reflective Photo Cell Infrared Sensor, Photo Eye for gate openers is used as a reversing sensor for automatic garage doors, gates, and parking barriers. It is very easy to install and use with reliable performance.

Features of ALEKO® LM104 Reflective Photo Cell Infrared Sensor

  • Creates an invisible security barrier for driveway gates.
  • 8 metre range.
  • Power and alignment indicator LED indicators.
  • Adjustable sensing distance.
  • Pre wired cord.
  • Weather proof rating for outdoor applications.
    photo cell sensor

Functioning of ALEKO® LM104 Reflective Photo Cell Infrared Sensor

Safety sensor will automatically reverse the door if anything crosses the photocell beam while the door is closing. One side of the sensor is connected to the gate opener and the reflector is placed in front of it. This prevents running the wire all over the gate to the other side.

Advantages of ALEKO® LM104 Reflective Photo Cell Infrared Sensor

  • It is compatible with all gate opener system that we sell.
  • The sensor prevents the automatic gate opener from closing accidentally on a vehicle or on a person.
  • You don’t need to worry about charging the batteries because this sensor can be easily powered with 12/24 DC or AC voltage.
  • This sensor can be used for any residential or commercial driveway.

All in one ALEKO® LM104 Reflective Photo Cell Infrared Sensor is an excellent addition to your driveway gates being highly reliable and keeps your automatic gates safe.

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