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Wind Generator And Its Use In Driveway Gates.

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wind generator
Considering the fact that all fossil fuels are limited in quantity, it’s clear that they are going to be used up.And the high consumption rate of these limited fuels seems to be the World’s biggest worry now.Any alternative? Yeah, renewable energy sources could be the alternative which is why people the world over are attempting to produce more wind power which is a main way of finding sustainable and renewable energy.

The wind power is generated by means of a wind turbine with a wind generator fixed at the middle of an electrical circuitry at the top (see the configuration of a wind turbine in the picture).
Bringing the power of wind energy home:
Wind energy can be brought home by connecting a wind generator to the household equipment. Most household appliances run on Alternating Current (AC), but a wind turbine generates direct current (DC) electricity. So an inverter is connected to transfer the current electricity from DC to AC.
Using a wind generator to function a driveway gate:

  • Well, installing a wind power system to function an electric driveway gate depends on the gate if it’s on-grid or off-grid. On-grid gates have a backup source of power in the form of electricity grid. But off-grid gates are stand alone systems which may have batteries or extra generators connected to it.
  • The wind system has to be sized so as to meet the needs (operating the gate for three days) so extra and unnecessary cost is checked.
  • On days with little wind the backup energy in the battery will serve the purpose. Using deep cycle batteries would work better (in case of on-grid gates) as they can be recharged time and again without losing the battery capacity. Off-grid systems will require to install an additional power source (diesel generator along with wind generator) to supply the power on wind-less days.
  • An inverter is mounted with the wind system to convert DC to AC.


  • Do not use automotive batteries as they are not frequently rechargeable.
  • You should consult your local utility company before connecting your wind turbine with the power lines. Take help of an expert electrician for all wiring and maintenance.
  • The high voltage from the wind generator or inverter can be injurious.

Protecting wind generators and driveway gates:
To protect wind generators and driveway gates two devices called as Hybrid charge controller and gate controller are used respectively.

    Hybrid Charge Controller

  • A Hybrid charge controller (12V or 24V) is capable of generating a wind power from 15mph wind (7 meters per second).
  • It provides short circuit protection and/or Dump load to the wind generator in case of high wind.
  • It converts the AC power from wind turbine to DC power by a Rectifier Bridge.
  • It also protects the battery from over-charge.
  • It optionally gives the battery low voltage protection.

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