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Role Of Video Intercoms In Protecting Your House

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Charles M. Hayes has rightly said,” safety first is safety always”. Protecting your house and workplace from invasions, intruders, thefts and accidents is of utmost importance. A good home security system can protect your house and workplace from all odds. With recent advancement in technology there are various ways by which you can contribute to improve your security system and video security system is a good addition to this.

The video intercom security devices are designed to allow an individual to communicate with others within or outside a building. Video security system can be installed inside or outside the residential or commercial buildings. In addition to clear picture, video intercoms also offer high quality videos.
video intercom monitor
Working of video security system:

  • There is a controlled entry point to the building where the video intercom is installed.
  • The intercom consists of a control box which includes a call button or keypad, microphone and a video camera.
  • These devices are connected to monitors inside the building through hidden wires. Therefore the installation doesn’t require major renovation. But if you don’t want connection through wires then there is also option for wireless access.
  • After the video intercoms are installed then when an individual attempts to access a restricted area he or she has to pass through the video security system.
  • The visitor will call the owner of the building in order to gain access into the building.
  • The owner on the other side inside the building can hear the voice along with the live video footage of the visitor.
  • With the help of the video footage you can decide whether to allow or deny access to the visitor.

Besides this there are various other features that can be added to video intercom system such as:

  • Gate openers can be integrated with the intercoms to have automatic access to your gates through the intercom. The intercoms can added to all types of gates i.e. sliding and swinging driveway gates. Through this you can operate your gates with the push of a single button to allow access to the person. You don’t even have to get down from your car as you can open the gate through the receiver and the gate even closes automatically once you enter.
  • You can also install intercoms in different rooms to monitor the house. Especially when you have kids in your home it will be very helpful to monitor their activities.
  • Nowadays video intercoms have built in radio or a CD player systems. You can listen to your favorite radio station or CD throughout the building while you are working.

In any commercial building or residential house security is a major concern and installation of video security system will increase the level of security. Video intercom will allow you to know who is at your doorstep and knowing who is at the door before you permit them into the building will increase the level of security also allows easy communication between people at different parts of your intercom

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