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Installation and functions of a car detector

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If you have built a beautiful home in your life, you have done a wonderful job. Home is considered as the safest place in the world where we all feel most comfortable and secure. But today, it has become an essential task to secure homes since the crime rates are increasingly high.

To protect homes different people take different steps out of which installing driveway gates happens to be a common measure. For better convenience several advanced devices are being connected with driveways gates nowadays. ‘Car detector’ is one such device that makes the gate open automatically by using the sensor system when any vehicle passes.

Let’s discuss about the installation process and basic functions of a car detector (the loop car detector for swing gate opener).

Placement of the device and its parts

  • Cutting slot: First off, the placement and size of the cutting slot and loop coil are calculated and then the slot is cut into the required size (5cm width x 25cm depth in case of mostly used LM155 loop car detector).
  • PVC conduit: PVC conduit is a rectangular tube like structure fitted along the rectangular slot to protect the loop coil from overheating and super-cooling. It consists of cabinet, cover and corner.
  • car detector pvc conduit

  • Cable placement: The cable is placed inside the PVC cabinet (4 turns of the cable). An important point is, the 15-meter (50ft) lead-in cable is to be placed 25cm below the surface of the pavement. In case of item no. LM155/A, the lead-in cable is placed in the PVC conduit.cable placement

Installation of the electric detector board

  • Control box connection: In a control box the twisted pair end wire of the lead-in cable is connected to the cable terminal on main control board. The electric detector board is plugged into port for loop detector on the main control box.
  • electric car detector control box


  • In order to test the sensitivity of the device first switch on the LM opener, and drive a vehicle practically near the loop coil. If the gate opens, the device’s sense function is working. Unless you need to adjust the sensitivity potentiometer (SP) to make the detector work properly.


  • Once the testing is finished you need to restore the PVC conduit cover and fill in the slot with sand up to the pavement level.

Functions of Car Detectors:

  • Car detectors are installed in the driveway gates to open the gate automatically without any hand operation by sensing the car/vehicle moving past.
  • The automatic open/close process saves time. The driver does not need to come out from the vehicle for opening and closing the gate. In another angle it prevents the passenger from unnecessary worry and harm.
  • Car detectors are pretty effective in terms of security vigilance. If installed with an alarm system, the car detector system senses the car near the gate and the alarm tells you that someone is there at the gate. Thus it strengthens your home security system.

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