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Installation and Advantages of electric locks

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Almost all house owners, these days, are installing driveway gates with electric or magnetic gate operators in order to protect their property. In most cases advanced security systems are being chosen by all large apartment owners, however, security fencing and electric security gates are also advantageous for small and medium sized properties.

Advanced security systems, nowadays, include video systems, alarm security, sliding and swing gates security etc. Sliding gates, in conjunction with additional devices like automatic gate openers and electric and electronic locks, are vastly used. Now, we’ll discuss how an electric lock is installed with a sliding gate and the advantages of installing it.

electric lock components

Electric Lock

Installation of an electric lock
The electric lock for the sliding gate operator is installed with 24V sliding gate opener system. The lock is installed in the moving part of the gate to engage it with the standing part. The right hand side picture illustrates different parts of an electric lock.

Step 1: Very first make sure that the sliding gate is leveled with the ground, moves freely and there’s no barrier to block the gate parts. Then open the gate and separate both the parts. Ensure that both parts are sliding freely.

Step 2: Determine the best position where the lock and the receiver will be fixed. To do this you can close the two parts if you need. Then fix both the lock and receiver socket with horizontally centers aligned with each other. You have to choose a solid surface to strengthen the base and stability of both lock and receiver.

metallic tube gate

Metallic Tube Gate

Step 3: In case of metallic tube gate, fastening the lock and receiver depends on the thickness of the fence post. If the thickness is larger than or equal to 3mm, you need to fasten the lock and receiver using bolts only. Otherwise you will have to drill holes along the fence post and fix the lock and receiver using bolts, washers and nuts. However, in case of chain link gates, U-bolts, saddles, lock washers and nuts are needed to fasten the lock and receiver.

Step 4: After fastening the electric lock check if it’s working properly.
Step 5: After making sure that the electric lock is working properly you should connect the power cables with the electric lock’s control board.

Advantages of electric locks:
• Electric locks unlock and lock driveway gates automatically as they open and close.
• Electric locking system is really effective in case of high wind areas or animal enclosures.
• These locks are compatible with any 24V ‘slide gate opener system’.
• For added security and protection of house and properties from burglary and invasion door locks and card locks are being made electric and electronic respectively.

control board

control board

Having your own house burglarized in front of you is brutal and nobody could ever tolerate that. So, protective measures have become mandatory especially when you read crime reports everywhere every day. Hence to avoid the fear of burglary take help of a good hardware store or authorized technicians and install an electric lock system at your door locks, card locks, and driveway gates.

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