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Operations of Driveway gates through Solar panels

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With the passage of time the dependence on the need of renewable source of energy has increased and hence the efficient utilization of solar energy has improved in all spheres of work. And a major development is being seen in using solar power for the construction and operation of driveway gates.

Driveways are roads giving access from a public way to a building on abutting grounds with gates in between. These are commonly used as paths to garages and houses. These driveway gates have built in gate operators, which are mechanical devices used for opening and closing of gates. Basically gate openers are of two types- hydraulic and electromechanical which are operated by a transmitter or manual device. Now these gate openers can be fitted with solar panels for energy conservation and even for execution during electricity loss or blackouts.

Solar panels are an assembly of a number of solar cells internally connected and mounted on a supporting structure .Solar cells are electrical devices that convert light into electricity through photovoltaic effect and since a single solar cell is not capable of producing the required amount of power to power most applications, a number of such cells are put together to form a solar panel with effective production of power.

solar driven drive way gate

Solar cells operate on three basic principles:

  • The absorption of light from the sun in the form of photons.
  • The attraction of carriers to opposite charged regions.
  • The flow of charge carriers which generate electricity

Light from the sun penetrates the top layer of the panel to reach the cells where the light changes the atomic structure by segregating the bonds between the atomic nuclei and electrons and the system then conducts these carriers by an electric circuit and stores in a battery to generate power. Since the concentration of light on the panel is not controlled so the amount of power generated is not fixed. Therefore a solar charge controller is used which is a major element of solar panel that regulates the voltage generated by it and prevents the battery from overcharging and this maximizes battery life.

Depending on the geographical location these solar panels can be used in the operation of driveway gates which includes both sliding gates and swinging gates. Solar driveway gates are gates that open automatically using the energy of the sun. These gates operate in a similar manner to that of electric gate openers by remote control, keypad or sensors only with the difference that instead of relying on electricity for power these solar gate openers utilize the power generated by solar panels. The gate openers are powered by battery that is charged by solar panels. The solar panels are generally mounted on steel or wooden posts near the gates in order to receive the light from the sun and the power generated from the solar panels are stored in the batteries with the help of solar charge controllers. The regulated power is fed to the control box of the driveway gate which helps in the opening and closing of the gate at the necessary time. Sometimes to increase the efficiency of power generated hybrid solar panels are used and these are equipped with solar hybrid charge controller.

Use of solar driveway gates is not only energy efficient but it also comes in handy at times of power outages. These gates can be very useful in remote areas where there are frequent power failures. Therefore solar panels and solar driven gateways are not only cost effective but also practical.

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