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Advantages of Swing gates over other electric gates

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When we think about the sweetest and safest place in the world, it’s our home that hits our mind in a flash. Our home literally provides us much more than what we consciously know and feel it does.  It’s surely the greatest private property one can own in a lifetime. So it needs to be protected. Today, the amount of mishaps is so high and in turn protective measures are equally increasing. In order to protect your home from those unfortunate elements driveway security gates or front gates are a must to build.

There are many types of driveway security gates like Electric, Mechanical, Automatic, swinging, Sliding and Remote-control gates. In this context we will widely focus on some major advantages of Swing gates.

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Advantages of Swing gates : Swing gates have many advantages (few drawbacks too) like all other types of driveway gates. To lead on mentioning the benefits of swing gates for our property let’s consider several factors like the space, budget, the level of security and maintenance cost etc.

  • Space availability: When the available space is small a sliding gate might come in handy in place of a swing gate. However, a swing gate is always easy to open & close. And if the ground shows some roughness and uneven projections, then sliding gates are hard to install. In that case a smaller swing gate works best.
  • Security level: A gate (be it a driveway gate or any front gate) is always meant to protect your home or property. It helps in keeping the unwanted elements at bay. Swing gates do protect your property and home by preventing them from intruders. Plus the space between iron-rods in swinging iron gates allows you to watch and know what’s happening at the gate (who’s opening or closing the gate).

  • Budget : A swing gate comes at lower cost. It usually costs less than all modern-day driveway gates like automatic, hydraulic or slidi+s. Also, a sliding gate, before installation, needs its ground surface to be leveled. So swing gates and sliding gates differ by a huge margin in terms of cost because of mounting, installation and operation.

  • Maintenance: Swing driveway gates normally don’t require any maintenance cost. They remain in a fixed position for years without any distortion. When they’re manually operated, no motor or electronics are required to be connected. In case of swing gates there’s no need to purchase brushes, grease or other materials as they’re needed in sliding gates to keep track clean and well-functioning.

As modern-day requirements are growing, so advanced equipments like automatic swing gate openers are being connected to swing gates for easy opening and closing. In turn, swing gates are becoming further advantageous and easy-to-operate.

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