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Loop Car Detector with PVC for Swing Gate Opener

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An inductive loop vehicle detector system consists of three components: a loop (preformed or
saw-cut), loop extension cable and a detector. When installing or repairing an inductive loop
system the smallest detail can mean the difference between reliable detection and an intermittent
detection of vehicles. Therefore, attention to detail when installing or troubleshooting an
inductive loop vehicle detection system is absolutely critical.

loop car detector with PVCInductive loop detection is relatively simple as a system, but it is important to arm yourself with
the knowledge of how it works and how the pieces interrelate. There is no question that a problematic
installation can be extremely frustrating, but if you break it down to basics it can be
solved more efficiently.


  • Allows your vehicle to exit the property automatically, without hand operation.
  • The gates open automatically when the loop detector senses the vehicle moving.
  • Includes PVC conduit and cover for loop coil.

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