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The sun is out, take advantage with a Solar Panel!

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Solar Panel 24 V 10w-2

10 Watt Solar Panel is great for any DC gate openers we sell and for any 24 volt DC Driveway Gate Opener. Aluminum frame for solar panel and bracket for mounting are included.

Rated Max Power:10   Watts
Current at Power Max:  0.28 Amps
Voltage at Power Max: 35.2 Volts
Short Circuit Current: 0.32 Amps
Open Current Voltage:  42.2Volts
Size: 290×354 x28 mm

NOTE: The greater capacity of the batteries, the longer the system will operate in cloudy days. The solar energy conversion efficiency may vary with installation places and weather conditions. Install the solar panel in open area clear of obstructions such as tall trees and buildings which probably block the sunlight. The solar panel should be installed with its surface facing with the most sunshine, south-facing in northern hemisphere and north-facing in southern hemisphere.

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