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One of the most common mistakes is opening the door to a stranger without prior verification. Before answering the door, it is necessary to authenticate the identity of the person at the door. Generally housewives and children have this tendency to open the door to any unknown visitor, especially salesmen. They do not have the slightest idea, that these people might be burglars in the disguise of salesmen. In a way the home owners invite danger for themselves unknowingly. However to avoid such possibilities, you can install video intercom systems to communicate with any person before opening the door.

Would you like to see who is outside before opening the door? Would it make you feel safer? Or the door is too far, or you are disabled or elderly person and find it difficult to walk all the way every time?

It’s no longer a problem with Aleko video door phone intercom system. With this system you can supervise front door situation at any time, take a picture of the person at the door and store it in memory, communicate with hands-free audio and unlock the door remotely. If you have a house that isn’t wired for intercom, then the best choice is to go with a wireless system. These may be attractive to you even if you have an existing wired system. One of the advantages of a wireless system over a wired system is that the units are more portable.

Installing an intercom system is quite easy. All you need to do is install the camera outside your house near the doorbell, and the display unit or rather the monitor anywhere within your house. When someone rings the doorbell, you are required to press the intercom button, the camera will get activated and you will be able to view the person at the door. Intercoms are one of the effective tools of security systems for preventing thefts and intrusions. Even in your absence, these intercom systems can automatically view and record the arrival of any visitor along with date and time. They have integrated memory chips and sensory devices that allow them to perform such activities when you are not at home.

Why Aleko intercom systems are best in the market

  • One monitor can support up to 4 cameras
  • Micro processing technology
  • Digital color LCD monitor with touch control panel
  • 24 hour monitoring, calling, speaking and unlocking door
  • The mini USB data output for monitor built-in high capacity
  • Rechargeable Lithium battery
  • The monitor can take/save/view more than 200 pcs of photos automatically
  • The picture of the visitor will be saved automatically
  • Clear night view for 24 hour monitoring
  • E-calendar and Electronic thermometer functions
  • Wireless monitor can be easily moved around the house
  • Rechargeable 2400mAh Li-ion batteries
  • High video quality CCD night vision camera
  • Unlock electric lock remotely

Intercom systems are highly recommended for people living in apartments, because majority of the intrusions take place in such places, especially when children are alone. Since intercoms are user-friendly devices, hence you can instruct your children to view through the intercom first before opening the door to a stranger. In this way you can not only safeguard your family but also inform police if you feel apprehensive about the person outside your doorstep. Before letting the person in, you can ask irrelevant questions to authenticate his identity.

Intercoms increase the overall security of your house and your family members in your absence. If you are searching for an affordable video intercom security system, then your search ends here at WholesaleGateOpener.


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Every product of Aleko that is purchased is going to have the best product you can ever buy of that item. If you are planning to avail the advantage of automated swing driveway gates without making a huge investment or want to automate your existing driveway gates by adding a motor then WholesaleGateOpener is the perfect choice for you. We have already helped many home owners in enjoying a huge amount of privacy, security and convenience by installing the right gate openers.

Presently, technologically advanced and high quality security systems available to offer a high level of safety and protection against criminal activities and wild animal as well. Security camera and alarm can be broken by an unauthorized person. Hence, it is very important to use high quality and suitable security systems to ensure that your commercial and residential buildings are safe.

Gate opener has always been the perfect option to minimize the risk. It serves the highest level of safety and security along with peace of mind. It’s designed with high-end materials and advanced technology, which enable you to open or close your driveway gate easily. It is considered as a safeguard of your property, vehicle, family and employees.

Benefits of Aleko Dual swing gate openers:-
Aleko gate opener meets your style, requirement and preferences.
It enables you to take comfort and safety in your hand.
It can be used for commercial, residential and industrial buildings.
It maximizes the protection and security level.
It also enriches your comfort level.
It’s designed with high quality wrought iron material.
It comes with all sorts of accessories and gadgets, which include: – sensors, remote control, alarms, photo cells and control kits.
Many people preferred to install electric gate opener to increase the safety, comfort and protection level. It can also have a big impact on how well one of these is working. They need to be able to withstand the rain and snow as well as any other weather that it will be introduced to. While wind can be very damaging for any kind of gate, there needs to be something put in place so that it is not going to damage anything.
People like to have fancy things on their property sometimes. Aleko gate opener is something that is going to help them to increase the value of their property as well as letting them show off to friends and family members. Most of these are going to come in a complete set but separate parts can be ordered if something has to be replaced on them. Every model is going to provide a different benefit for the customers. The weight of a gate and the number of times that it will be opened is going to have a huge impact on what a property owner is going to purchase.
Safety is going to be very important when installing gate openers. The way that the electric is set up that is running to it is also important to know. Not everyone that has a dual swing gate opener has a hard electrical wire ran to the gate. Solar powered gate openers are available as well as battery operated ones.
Whether for decorative gate openers or gate openers for security, they will find something that is going to be durable and withstand the weather that it will be exposed to. There is a variety of products that can help several businesses while keeping their property looking great. Check this out here.


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Wrought iron is gaining importance being an exterior home decor. They can entirely change the look of a building or even a home. Wrought iron is widely applied to making gates and fences. offer customers comprehensive selection of the quality and reliable products, detailed products description and images, as well as how-to information, online manuals and video installation instructions. Our expert specialists manufacture gates by considering easy maintenance of products after installation. Home owners are required to be aware of certain useful maintenance facts to take proper care of metal gates installed in homes or work places.

In terms of maintenance, taking proper care of metal gates is important to keep them durable for several years. Iron gates and fences are not only essential for security but also add beauty to any property. To keep these gates and fences look good for a longer time, you need to maintain it.

pedestrian gate

Prevention is always better than cure. This is why for better maintenance of metal peripherals; individuals are required to check the deterioration signs and take effective measures. Corrosion and other general kinds of deterioration are not evident always, but certain warning signs are there which if considered can help in increase the life of gates.

Humidity, rain and moisture can rust the iron metal when constantly exposed. To prevent such a situation, you have to apply a coat of wax that protects from rusting. Painting the gates and fences is another great option that can protect damage and rusting. Paint creates a strong barrier that protects the metal from air and moisture. Many house owners prefer to coat fresh paints to maintain the quality of the gates and fences. Wholesale gate opener manufactured gates with powder coated for many years of troublesome uses.

Using steel wool or sandpaper to remove the rust spots is an important aspect that minimizes the damage of the gates. You can also apply wax to prevent corrosion. However, if there is too much of rust on the iron gates, you need to consult metal work specialists who can guide you in this respect.

Repairs on time can also help in maintaining the life of metal gates and railings. For proper repair results, it is important to first access the condition of ironwork. And for this, it is mandatory to acquire assistance of a metalwork specialist. The experts first analyze the degree of intervention before making any kind of repair.

When it comes to wrought iron, traditional detailing and techniques are required to make repairs successful. This is why it is essential to leave repairs to be done by specialists.

Apart from these, individuals can also think on various other maintenance facts of metal peripherals like applying paints by cleaning the existing paint, controlling the extent of corrosion, proper welding of cast iron gates and much more. Opting for best possible maintenance action on time matters a lot in correcting different flaws found in products.

Our wrought iron pedestrian gate are reliable, durable with exceptional quality. Our success has been built on a simple principle: take care of every customer like they were a member of our family. Visit our online web store today!


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A gate operator is a mechanical device used to open and close a gate, such as one at the end of a driveway. There are two main types of electric gate openers – hydraulic or electromechanical. These can be further divided into the following categories i.e. screw driven, chain driven openers, underground openers and solar gate opener. Automatic and Electric Gate operators are designed for both swinging and sliding gates. They can be programmed to open and close with a wireless transmitter or a manual device. Low Voltage Automatic Gate openers can also be fitted with solar panels to ensure function during loss of electricity or blackouts.

Swing gates can use three types of operators. A swing arm operator, which is a box, that sits off to the side and has an arm extending to the gate. A ram arm is located on the gate and post and uses either a hydraulic piston or a jackscrew-operated piston. Underground operators are located by the hinge and operate the gate via a link arm.

ALEKO® AS1300 Dual Swing Gate Operator is designed for residential/commercial applications. Stay warm and dry in your vehicle. This Dual Swing Opener will handle dual swinging gates up to 20Ft in length or weighing up to 1300Lb (10Ft and 650Lb per leaf).

ALEKO® AS1300 AC/DC Dual Swing Gate Operator

The ALEKO® AS900 Series has a powerful 24V DC motors, which provide exceptional starting torque and features soft start/stop operation. This promotes longer gate and operator life, as well as dependable performance.

ALEKO® Metal GG900 AC/DC Dual Swing Gate Operator

No power? Not a problem! Optional built-in battery backup provides seamless operation of the gate operator and all DC control and sensing devices in the event of a power loss. To simplify installation, the ALEKO® AS900 may be installed with low-cost, low-voltage wiring or in remote locations using our optional 10W, 20W or 30W Solar Panels.

• Open and close the gate by remote control and keypad;
• Soft start, Soft stop;
• Emergency release key in case of power failure;
• Dual/Single gate running mode;
• Optional master and slave gate running;
• Adjustable opening/closing interval between master and slave gate;
• Stop/Reverse in case of obstruction during gate opening/closing;
• The force of the motor can be programmed Optional photocell protection;
• Built in adjustable auto-close (programmable from 0-99 sec);
• Digital display indicates the running situation and setting menu
• Reliable electromagnetism limit for easy to adjust;
• Two years warranty directly from our company.

For a full list of features or to take advantage of this great deal, please click here.  Visit to view all of our products and the savings available!


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An infrared sensor is an electronic instrument that is used to sense certain characteristics of its surroundings by either emitting and/or detecting infrared radiation. It is also capable of measuring heat of an object and detecting motion. Infrared waves are not visible to the human eye.

In the electromagnetic spectrum, infrared radiation is the region having wavelengths longer than visible light wavelengths, but shorter than microwaves. The infrared region is approximately demarcated from 0.75 to 1000µm. The wavelength region from 0.75 to 3µm is termed as near infrared, the region from 3 to 6µm is termed mid-infrared, and the region higher than 6µm is termed as far infrared.

Infrared technology is found in many of our everyday products. For example, TV has an IR detector for interpreting the signal from the remote control. Key benefits of infrared sensors include low power requirements, simple circuitry, and their portable feature.

Infrared sensors have many applications on day to day life. Such as tracking and art history, climatology, communications, alcohol testing, heating, gas detectors/gas leak detection, flame detection, petroleum exploration and rail safety.

The LED type of infrared sensor is used to detect the target and illuminate it. The reflected energy is focused onto a detector. Photoelectric cells, photo-diode or photo-transistors are used as detectors in this type of arrangement. The measured data is then processed using various signal processing instruments to extract the required information.

ALEKO® Photo Cell Infrared Sensor designed specifically for outdoor intrusion detection applications. Dynamic IR innovation might be utilized for identification of undesirable components utilizing a two-section sensor. It comprises of a transmitter unit that transmits undetectable dynamic infrared bars. The recipient unit gets and examines the shafts and catches gatecrashers who pass between the two segments.

Passive infrared technology uses heat radiation to detect intruder movement. The temperature differentiation is effectively located by the sensors to judge an irregular movement.  The reliability of the operation is assured by the rugged construction of the system, the integrated heaters and the self-adapting technology. Despite the changing environmental condition or temperature extremes, the capacity of detecting intruders remains steadfastly high.

If you are looking for long range and high performance outdoor infrared sensor, then there are lots of models available. They can easily detect walking, running and even crawling intruders. But the best model is the source of active IR emissions. It also has a receiver unit which receives the signal, analyzes them and detects any intruder movement passing between the two units.

It is wise to research on the different type of sensors available in the market before buying for your need. If you can’t decide, then we at Wholesale gate openers are experts in garage door sensors. Contact us for advice on the right kind of sensors.


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Electrical power interruptions are quite common in every place especially after a heavy downpour or a severe storm. To counter these power outages a search has been done to find a reliable and economic alternate source of electricity.

A power inverter can help you a lot during power failures to lightening your houses. It is a device that is used to convert direct current to alternating current. The inverter also ensures that the sources of power are not interrupted inadvertently. It works by converting 12 Volt DC power into 120 volts AC. Power Inverters are great electrical inventions to run household appliances where there is no electricity.

Different types of power inverters are available in two categories – The True Sine Wave Power Inverters and the Modified Sine Wave Power inverters. Each inverter type has their pros and cons and what you end up choosing will come down to cost and the type of equipment you want to power.

The size of the device indicates the level of portability of the power inverter. Buying small size inverters you can easily carry them whenever needed. It should be appropriate in order to fit seamlessly in the area where you want to store it.

You should always go for a renowned brand, in order to be assured of high quality products. Renowned brands will also have different models, which will ensure compatibility with your equipment.

You should also consider the number of ports available on the inverter. This is essential for establishing the number of equipment that you can run simultaneously.

The voltage level on the power inverter should also be considered. You should always search for devices that will be compatible with your household equipments. It is imperative to check the manufacturer’s label on the inverter. This will indicate the amount of power that the source of the alternative energy should have. It will also indicate the voltage level of the devices that should be connected to the power inverter. It is always recommended to search for device with an adjustable voltage level. This will enable you to run different household equipments with ease.

If you are looking for a high quality power inverter at a great price then we at Aleko have a great range of inverters to suit any applications. Whether you are looking for a power inverter to run a small appliance from your car or a large inverter to power a host of electrical appliances from your car, we can help with our high quality great value Aleko power inverters.


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Security is one of the most important aspects now-a-days and that is the reason why the people search for quality automatic gate systems today. An electric gate opener can not only add additional security to your property, it can also add a level of convenience that is not available in many other items.

An automatic gate opener is such a relief for those who don’t want to get in and out of the car just to open and close the gate. No doubt driveway gates can really add security and a touch of class to your home, but it is really a hassle to open it and close it after a while.

When you invest in an electronic gate opener, you want to make sure that it is worth the money that you are spending or not. Automatic gate openers have electrically controlled mechanism that opens and closes the driveway gate automatically with the help of motors.

An electric or radio frequency signal is sent from a remote, keypad or access card that instructs the electric gate opener to open or close the gates. The advanced access control mechanism is safe as the gate leaves move in reverse direction if it hits any obstacle.

Be it swing gate or slide gate these automated commercial gate openers are an obvious choice for modern commercial buildings, corporate offices and even private residences to restrict entry and keep the premises secured.

Different types of automatic gate openers are available when it comes to the type of access control. Keypad access control generates unique code number, when a visitor types the code on the keypad the gate opens. A remote control gate opener operates through a remote handled by the owner. There are CCTV cameras installed at the gate. The person using remote can see the visitor on the monitor inside the building and open the gate using remote. The other variations include a card reader, telephone entry system, Radio Frequency Identification card, barcode reader and vehicle sensor.

Most of these openers are found in a complete set but separate parts can be ordered if something has to be replaced. Every model is going to provide a different benefit for the customers. The weight of a gate and the number of times that it will be opened is going to have a huge impact on what a property owner is going to purchase. These gates and gate openers are going to be beneficial to a lot of business owners as well as homeowners. Security is the most important factor in today’s society.  Check out the best security gate selection at


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Every second, our sun produces enough energy to sustain earth’s need for 500,000 years. Using solar energy is an innovative way to Go Green. Now-a-days most of the people prefer to install solar panel on the roof of their houses to avoid unusual power cuts and increasing cost of electricity.

Solar energy can be described as the energy that is received from the sunlight and converted by a mechanical source for the use of different home appliances. Since the sun is readily available it’s cheaper and reliable. Solar panels are the mechanically built materials whose main purpose is to convert solar energy to electrical energy. They are built from an element called silicon. It is the core duty of the silicon element to covert the solar energy to electricity.

The solar power can either be directly or indirectly gotten from the sunlight. When it’s cloudy the intensity of the solar power delivered perfectly, the photovoltaic solar materials deliver sun rays into electricity and the solar thermal receiver changes the solar power into heat solvents, such as oil and water. This type of power is used in, iPod chargers, charge batteries water heaters, cell phone chargers and spacecrafts.

Have you ever wondered how solar panels work? Silicon is the most important ingredient in solar panels. Silicon is an electromagnetically neutral element with four valence electrons. Electricity is made when electrons move from a negative charge to a positive one. Solar panel is like a sandwich. The top panel is made of silicon mixed with negatively charged phosphorous. The bottom plate contains silicon mixed with positively charged boron. When the sandwich is placed in the sun, a reaction occurs that generates electricity.

Using solar energy is one of the most viable ways to use renewable energy. Renewable energy is our future and the use of solar power in USA is expected to rise in the coming years. Today, we can harness unlimited power from the sun and use it on our daily basis. Whether it’s for everyday living, business or pursuing our goals in life, solar power can fuel our hopes and dreams. Save up to 60% on Solar Panels in Your Area. Call us today at 253-872-6877 to discuss your needs!


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Automated driveway gates are an easy way to ensure the security of private premises and can be used for all properties. That’s why now-a-days more people want to install automatic or electric driveway gate for the safety of family and property. For those who find the security of their premises important, electric gates are the way to go. There is a decrease in the cost of electric gate kits and their installation. Aside from the basic kits, there are now many features that can be added to ensure security as well as make them more convenient.

Automatic driveway gates alone, however solid and imposing they may be, cannot guarantee a completely secure environment. For that reason electric gates are recommended to be used in combination with other security features to install a full security system. A few of these features are closed circuits with security cameras, electronic keypads and keycards, etc.

When considering installing access control keypads for your driveway gates there are many features to be considered and one such area of uncertainty lies in choosing between wired or wireless keypads. The type of keypad required and to be installed by an individual depends on the budget, preference and situation.

The keypads are an excellent addition to the security of the house. The keypads are very secure as they use a password normally between 3 to 6 digits to open the gates. The best thing about the keypad is that its password can be changed at regular interval for more security eliminating the risk of losing your gate opener. The keypads can also be connected to alarms to improve the overall safety. A keypad is very ideal when you go out of the house but do not want to carry a key.

We provide both wireless and wired keypads according to the need of customers. Our wired keypads are compatible with any other 12/24V gate openers or garage door openers. For easy operation at night we manufacturing keyboard with back light.
The major advantage of keypads is convenience; you don’t have to search for your keys every time you move in and out of your house and you also needn’t worry about losing your keys.
According to the individual need you can go through our website WholeSaleGateOpner to select wired or wireless keypads that best suits your requirement. If you have any confusion then you can contact our customer support center who will provide you with all necessary details.


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Most of the people wish to use green energy products considering the global warming and environmental changes. In America over the last several years around 47% of people using wind turbines and solar panels for their electricity needs. Going off-grid is a smart step towards future generation.

Solar batteries are vital for putting away power for shady days when solar panels are not able to generate power. However to keep up the battery life it is paramount to utilize a charge controller or voltage controller which block reverse current and prevent over-charge protection.

A charge controller is truly a valuable device for solar panel board and wind turbine generator vitality techniques. What it truly does is actually controls the amount of DC electrical energy moving in the energy supply to the backup batteries. When you’re using renewable power assets, you’re going to get variances in energy supply.

A charge controller will keep control of that inbound current and can switch off the circuit once the batteries got fully charged. It acts as a safeguard since it does not let your batteries to be over-charged which will decrease the life span of the costly batteries.

Four main functions why one must use charge controller?

(1) Transform the AC power from wind turbine by Rectifier Bridge to DC power for battery charging.
(2) Short circuit protection or/and Dump load in high wind.
(3) Battery over-charge protection.
(4) Battery Low voltage protection.

There are numerous sorts of charge controllers available in the market. Some are complicated while others are simple to install. At the point when looking for your charge controller, you need to comprehend what rating to purchase and should it work appropriately with your solar based panels and your rechargeable batteries. Also different charge controllers have different time periods of warranty. Be sure to check that the warranty is within your expectation before leaving the store. Wholesale gate opener provides both wind and solar charge controller accordingly the needs of the customer. It’s easy to install our products as we provide manuals and facility to interact with our expert technicians. You will end up saving yourself money, stress and hassle if you get one before your batteries get damaged.

Wholesale gate opener provides eco-friendly Charge Controller for both wind and solar powered devices to save batteries as well as energy and environment. Our solar or wind charge controllers are fit for both residential and commercial purposes. Wholesale gate opener Products stand for quality guarantee at affordable prices. If you have any doubts don’t hesitate to call us on 253- 872-6877.